About Me & My Blog

I am a graduating senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Marketing and Communication. I grew up in Hull, Massachusetts, home to the famous Nantasket Beach and two very successful wind turbines.

This blog has been created to satisfy a project requirement for my COMM397AU: Rhetoric, Science, and Public Culture course. For this project, I decided to complete a form of critical rhetoric on a subject I find to be both important to the general public, to my community, and to me as an individual.

Wind turbines have the potential to provide us with renewable energy, which will reduce climate change and limit our dependency on foreign oil supplies. However, there is controversy surrounding the implementation of wind turbines that I am interested in exploring.


One thought on “About Me & My Blog

  1. glad to see your COMM397AU has the word ‘rhetoric’ embedded. and not in the standard put-down sense of this. ‘ars rhetorica’ was the good old high meaning, and it’s got a lot to do with public culture. super-big topics, all of these.

    you might find this of interest too: Ed Duggan graduated from the Engineering Dept at UMassAmherst back in the 1970s, when there was little windpower in Massachusetts — but lots near Tehachapi, Calif. When he read about Hull’s efforts he wrote to us, itemising this following striking fact:

    Ed’s father, John Duggan of Quincy, got his first job (gainful employment, call it) at a tender young age (16 or below) — at Paragon Park Hull. I had the honor of driving John to HW1 in my Honda Insight (model-year 2000, RMV # ‘HYBRD1′). John was like young Ed, loved machines, including cars.

    Ed has earned his livelihood in or near Tehachapi since the late 1970s. When I visited him there two years ago, his windfarm was running a set of eight (8, count ’em) Vestas V90’s. Three megawatts apiece. Harnessed to the neighboring cement plant, which needed all this output and more. Ed loved to have such a sizeable chunck of SoCalEdison’s powerstream so clean and so local. And so profitable to his boss’s company. More on Ed’s boss if this interests you. A Purdue engineer of titanic scale, Ed’s boss. Ed’s a titan too, of course. Out of UMass, Amherst. More on this too, if it interests you. “Oak Creek Energy Systems”, now part of a much larger corporation. . .

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