“Windfall,” an anti-wind documentary

The documentary “Windfall” opened in February of this year. The film focuses on the alleged dangers and disruptions caused by wind turbines. Specifically, the town of Meredith, NY, was the area of discussion in the film.

Most of the claims made in this documentary are false and exaggerated. It is understandable that residents are fearful of the unfamiliar, but the film portrays wind turbines as some kind of ominous threat. While the unease of Meredith’s citizens truly appears sincere, it is baseless. Wind turbines are being built because they save towns thousands of dollars and provide a clean, renewable source of energy. “Windfall” likens wind turbines to actual public dangers and health hazards, like contaminated water or pollution. This kind of analogy is simply inaccurate.

Check out the trailer for “Windfall,” and perhaps watch the film if you have time. While the claims made in this movie are egregious misrepresentations of wind turbines, it is important to educate yourself on the discourse surrounding an unjustifiably controversial topic.

After watching the trailer for “Windfall,” what are your initial reactions?


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