“Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century,” a documentary

“Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century,” is a short documentary addressing renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. The film follows a group of sixth graders who care about the issue of global warming and want their fellow citizens to stand up for the environment. Melding discussions among the students with commentary from global warming and energy experts, “Unlimited” enlightens viewers about the promising future that can be provided through solar, wind, and tidal power, as well as explores issues associated with transportation and food sustainability.

I very much enjoyed this documentary. “Unlimited” is short, sweet, and jam-packed with interesting information. It was inspiring to hear such young students speaking out against global warming and offering their insights on controversial energy issues in the United States. If the children of today are educated on renewable energy, it means that the adults of tomorrow will be informed citizens capable of affecting meaningful environmental change.

I urge you to watch “Unlimited.” At only 26 minutes, you really have no excuse not to check out this film!

Did you end up watching the film? What were your thoughts and why do you think its messages were conveyed so effectively?


One thought on ““Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century,” a documentary

  1. Unlimited. A powerful piece. Gives a good sense of the breadth and depth of the problems, and how they are essentially multi-generational. Climate change is real, all-too-real and actual. That means solutions have to be found right now. Grown-ups like Al Gore have been reminding us of this for years now, and the younger generation has clearly picked up the message, including its time-urgency.

    In Hull, Mass. the municipality has harvested over 40 million KWh’s of emission-free wind energy in the past eleven years. That is over 10% of the entire consumption of the town in that same period. It also has an active group working hard on getting solar panels up at the landfill — adjacent to our larger windmill. The solar people are today (2012) mostly grown-ups. But youngsters are coming forward are changing the mix. I like to think that ‘forthewind’ youngsters will soon be the driving force. You understand how unlimited our minds are, and can show the way.

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